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Almost comment

Because of the continuous incursions of spammers and their painful comments with relative URL of medicinal and casinos that I don’t truly accept anymore, I’m near to decide to use the commenting feature of Movable Type 3 (installed yesterday ) that only who is registered can comment. From the manual:

When registered comments are allowed on your site, you have the option to approve each new commenter when she or he posts a first comment. Until you’ve approved a commenter, his or her comments will not be displayed on the weblog, but after approval, that user’s comments will appear as soon as they are posted. This way, you can control the community of people who comment on your site, without managing each individual comment.

This means that the first commenter records in, from the second is ok. And for the spammers should be beautiful difficulties. But I must still understand well how the reader records before the time on Typekey.
I do not see valid alternatives. That is, there would be that one to moderate the comments, but for me it’s not valid: the comments work ’cause they are immediate, recent – the date of comment is part of the same comment, it means reactivity to the argument, interest, or chance.
In any case, I have tried: are months that I’m holding open comments and in the last weeks I make a rebuild too often in order to cancel recursive comments spam.
If someone knows how to avoid these hateful spammers continue to infest blogs face me know…please (what about MT blacklist on MT 3.x?)

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