Luciano Giustini ragionamenti a lettere..


Personal: send email to lucianogiustini (at)
Didactic: see Didattica (in italian) for information and contacts
In ICQ I maintain an id (322671), but currently I don’t log in.
In Skype I’m lgiustini (ask me connection, please).


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I'm social (?)

These are the communities where I have an account. Some could be no longer active (you know, Internet...), Anobii, Behance,, Blogger, Bzzers, ClaimId, Digg, Dopplr, Facebook, Flickr, Formspring, Foursquare, Friendster, Friendfeed, Furl, Delicious, GaB, Goodreads, Google+,, Instagram, Jaiku, Linkedin, MySpace, Mobile9, Netlog, Newsvine, OpenID, Orkut, Pinterest, Plurk, Plaxo, Popurls, Quora, Reddit, Scribd, Spoke, Slideshare, Stumble Upon, Typekey, Technorati, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitter, UpComing, WAYN, WordPress, Xing (Neurona)