Luciano Giustini ragionamenti a lettere..


“What if there were a place? Where you could live forever? In love and beauty? This is the promise of the island”
“The perfect life”.
“The perfect lie”.

So starts one of the trailers of The Island.
Along with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, This I think will be the most interesting movie of the summer.. Not only for the plot, still really interesting, but also for the presence in the cast of Scarlett Johansson, She will enlight the film, she’ll do. 🙂
I like those movies with vision of devastating future – since Blade Runner it’s a dogmatic vision – it won’t happen never good after 2000 (or even before, following Snake Plissken).
Here you’re chosen in a lottery, in order to life in an uncontamined place in the earth: one of the last remained. It takes no long to understand it’s not so fictious hypotesis.
“Prepare your escape”. Slogan perfect for me now.
The phrase: “The life you think you had… It never happened!”

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