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Rome (summer)

Here in Rome there’s a hot weather…but the wind is present and temperature is fine. In other words, even if I must remain in the city, i don’t see the terrible need to go elsewhere. Fortunately, this summer is so.
But this is the first summer i pass with my mother lonely after my father gone, so I’m a bit sad (also w/out ‘a bit’)
In the last part of August, we will go to S.Giovanni Rotondo (the city of Padre Pio) where we’ve home. I will remain there until 2 september, when my cousin, Laura, marries.
The last time i was here, it was with my father. All the times i was here, there was him. This was the place he impianted the pacemaker, this was the place where he said me he was hearth-illed, in the 1967 here he knew my mother. All this memory is there. And all this will make this journey not so good, not at all.

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