Luciano Giustini ragionamenti a lettere..

Thinker DNA

Ho fatto il test di Personal DNA (grazie a Caymag). Ecco i risultati. Ha ragione la mia ragazza che dice che sono uno che pensa troppo..
You are a Free-Wheeling Thinker.
about you
You are a Thinker
Your cautiousness, appreciation of functionality, and imagination combine to make you a THINKER.
You have a vivid capacity for imagery that allows you to see beyond your present circumstances.
You like to be sure of yourself before voicing your opinion.
A lot of your time is spent at home, or with the people you care about.
Although you may dream often, you’re very aware of how things work, and you value things that work well.
You take comfort in the familiar, and value predictability—and others value those things in you.
Accordingly, you prefer a set routine, and although you often imagine how things can be different, you’re hesitant to take risks to change things.
Sometimes you doubt whether you have the ability to face certain challenges, but your practical focus helps you solve most problems.
Because of this, you tend to be more reactive than proactive, thinking thoroughly about the challenges that you face.
You have a broad-based, theoretical understanding of the world that allows you to understand its workings.
If you want to be different:
Try indulging your imagination a bit more by experiencing new and different things.
Have a little more faith in your capacity to do things—turn your thoughts into actions!
how you relate to others
You are Free-Wheeling
Your charismatic nature, liveliness, and independence make you FREE-WHEELING.
You don’t mind being in the spotlight, preferring social gatherings to quiet nights at home.
You take a practical approach to people, not getting too involved in their feelings—or their business.
At the same time, your acceptance of others leads you to be understanding of their life circumstances, even if you don’t quite understand their emotional reactions to some things.
Although you have a wide circle of friends, you’re very discerning as to whom you can trust.
You’re not rigid in your beliefs about the world, and you don’t want to impose your perspective on others, but at the same time, you know that plenty of people don’t always act responsibly.
Engaging with others is a large part of how you live in the world, and most importantly, it plays a role in how you see yourself—you tend to learn a lot about yourself in situations where you are with other people.
You have an understanding of the complexities of situations, and you don’t judge others too hastily.
If you want to be different:
Your open-mindedness about the world gives you a great perspective on things, but your lack of trust in others limits how close you can get with them. Try opening up to people a bit more without losing your healthy skepticism.
While being the life of the party will occasionally come naturally to you, be sure to reserve time for yourself—see what you can learn by spending some time observing the world rather than just by diving in.