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The best is yet to come (2nd degree)

On May I obtained my 2nd degree in Information Sciences, Communication and Publishing at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. There was the Computer science engineering degree, but this was the “mine” one. In this journey I found a really good and professional path on issues I’ve been following for years – Sociology of communication, but also my old passion: Psychology – and specially a great human experience, meeting extraordinary people. I’m thankful to those who had the patience to follow me with timely advices and the necessary structuring of my (so many, too many) ideas. This good mix has […]

A better definition of Masculine and Feminine

Mimi Ikonn (photo), co-founder of Intelligent Change, and author of the new book The Bingo Theory, talks about a better definition of masculine and feminine. At the end or her piece, Mimi has a quiz to determine your dominant energy and how you can bring it into balance or what she calls a Bingo (based on the newsletter of Five Minute Journal). Here it’s an interviews published on Intelligent Change blog, by Alex Ikonn, June 2016. * * * Do you find it hard to sit still and relax? Do you feel lazy and guilty if you aren’t constantly working […]