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Joe Biden, il ragazzo che ha vinto

La fine di un incubo, durato 4 anni, e insieme l’inizio di una nuova speranza. Un incubo che ha portato l’America sull’orlio di una gigantesca crisi di nervi, anzi l’ha portata volutamente, aumentando a dismisura la polarizzazione ed esacerbando gli animi, dividendo e mettendo gli uni contro gli altri. Una presidenza combattuta tutta a colpi di tweet, anche quando la sconfitta era evidente e Trump si rifiutava di ammetterlo (e continuerà a farlo anche giorni e settimane dopo le elezioni, vedi sotto), provocando la ripetuta e necessaria azione di Twitter nel “bollinare” i tweet del presidente come falsi o contenenti […]

The inauguration of Barack Obama’s 2nd term

L’intervento più emozionante al giuramento del secondo mandato di Barack Obama è stato forse quello di Beyoncé che ha cantato il National Anthem. Voce da brivido, e che scalda il cuore. Per il resto, il Presidentissimo ha elencato gli obiettivi dei suoi “ancora 4 anni” e tra questi ci sono stati sicuramente molti elementi di rilievo, a partire dai pari diritti dei gay, l’accento posto sul cambiamento climatico (finalmente!), la grande attenzione ai poveri ed alla revisione del diritto sancito dalla Costituzione americana di possedere armi, anche da guerra o d’assalto. Nel lungo articolo che riassume un po’ di seguito, […]

Italy’s crucial vote (FT.com)

Read the complete article on FT.com Parties are shying away from the radicalism Rome needs Italians go to the polls to choose their next prime minister in a little less than five weeks. The election result will reverberate well beyond Italy. The eurozone’s future prosperity will depend on whether its third-largest economy can keep its fiscal house in order and resume growth after a decade of stagnation. The technocratic government led by Mario Monti as well as decisive action by the European Central Bank have helped restore Rome’s fiscal credibility. Foreign investors have resumed buying Italian paper and yields on […]

Election in Russia

Here starts the dictatorship? MOSCA – The leader of the opposition movement “Other Russia”, Garry Kasparov, said, in an interview to the TG1 (the main italian tv news journal), that the victory of the Vladimir Putin party, “United Russia”, at the legislative elections, signs the beginning of the dictatorship in the Country. “All that powership that Putin has built around him and that, in the electoral campaign, is transformed in a political-administrative structure able to destroy any form of dissent: in one word dictatorship”. (Agr) (From Corriere.it; Here is the link to a Kasparov post in english language about the […]

Comments from another world

How the world knows well us… Read now on the BBC News about italian government crisi, a comment of a Buenos Aires’s reader: The beauty of Italy is that life goes on, despite their anachronistic, difficult to understand politics – it is like a parallel universe, a game with its objectives and a life of its own. Politics is an art practiced in Italy for its own sake, democracy a way of getting into power and staying there, but quite unconnected with people’s everyday aspirations, wishes and problems. Of these, the important ones are solved by taking matters into their […]

Iran defence or military option

On one side we have this: Russia confirms Iran missile deal Russia has confirmed a deal to sell surface-to-air missiles to Iran, insisting they are for defence only. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said a contract to deliver TOR-M1 missiles to Iran had been signed. He said the deal “in no way upsets the balance of forces in the region,” Russian news agencies reported. Iran has reportedly agreed to buy 29 of the mobile air defence systems in a contract worth more than $700m (£400m; 600m euros). The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg in Moscow says the sale is not banned under […]

How much the Center counts?

It’s some time that I don’t speak about politics.. Maurizio on the today’s post resumes a political topic that could be defined as the “abandonment of the extreme electorate” when elections come closer. In the post, .mau. gives a mathematical interpretation to the phenomenon, showing that the politicians don’t do good accounts. Read it, because it is interesting. A synthesis cannot be made, if not that the conclusion of the mumbling is that the politicians prefer to move to “center” – watching to uncertain ballots of the moderate flanges – than losing (with smaller uncertainty) the ballots of the more […]

Another on the conscience of mr.Berlusconi

Enzo Baldoni, the journalist that has been taken as hostage in Iraq, has been murdered. 🙁 He was a blogger, as me and (probably) you. He was well known in the Internet community. Probably you don’t know italian situation: in Italy we’re living the war in Iraq in a worst way. We should not gone in Iraq. Only Blair+Bush. But we’ve go the same. In recent elections italians have expressed live the orientation we shouldn’t partecipate to this war (which our government obstinately calls “peace operation”), and we are the same. The Pope did in 2003 all His possibility to […]

European vote 2004: an italian analysis

The political situation in Italy has to be analyzed by politic professionals, who know their electorate, why has voted why. My analysis will be limited to some common consideration on the european and italian vote for UE Parliament on june 11-13 2004. In this table you can see the results of vote in Italy. The name of the parties are in italian. First of all, there’s been an embaracing european vote. The eurosceptical have been prevalent, and the vote expected the european organization was just from the East countries, the new ones that have voted with the lowest affluence, too. […]