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Vita dura agli spammer

Dalla sempre brava Elise di Learning Movable Type, alcuni consigli per combattere lo spam nei commenti e nei trackback sui blog che usano MT, che in versione 3.2 contiene diversi strumenti utili all’uopo (e spesso sottoutilizzati).
Moderate all trackbacks
MT 3.2 allows you to approve all trackbacks before they post to your site. To do this, go into your blog’s “Settings” and select “Feedback”. Scroll down to the TrackBack section and check the checkbox next to “Moderation”. Save changes.
Spam Lookup
MT 3.2 ships with a powerful anti-spam plugin called Spam Lookup. If you are getting hit by a flood of trackback spam, look for the common unwanted words or specific strings to block. If a spammer is leaving URLs like and, all you have to do is block “”. Do this by adding the domain name in the Plugins > SpamLookup > Keyword Filter Settings > Keywords to Junk “Keywords to Junk” in .

Si possono usare ovviamente anche le Espressioni regolari

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