10 points a woman should know to do the actress in Italy (part 1) | Luciano Giustini

10 points a woman should know to do the actress in Italy (part 1)


1) Paparazzi.
Rome, Milan are the city of paparazzi. You can go in dinner with everybody: only, be prepared that all the world will know it, if you're in the least famous. If you're not famous, all the photos will be maintained in archive until they will be useful (i.e. to ask for money to don't publish them). Of course you will completely forgot that in this photo some years ago you was in company of.... in that party at.... in that ridiculous position!

Paparazzi has a good intuit to understand where and when you'll be for a shot. Even if you take all the precautions, it's useless. Particularly, Romans know this and this is a bad new: romans love to help paparazzi finding the perfect place for their photo.
All Romans are used to have actress and showgirls around in the city, so they don't surprise to nothing.

To be on warning is not enough. The good way to face paparazzi is to meet and show to them, as a diva. Be prepared for a smile and for some words of circumstance to say.

Don't escape, don't be angry, don't do nothing special. Paparazzi love when you become angry. And they simply will do more photos with you...when you're angry.

2) Know the ambient
"What a Lovely Girl you're, I would like to have you in supper, can I?". Behind these simple and studied words, a producer, a famous conductor, a network director, a presentator, a tv program leader, or a politician are most probably thinking to a sex-oriented proposal. It happen more often than one can imagine. It's not imagination, it's statistic in Rome (and in Milan).

So, don't be surprised - it's your rule. Together with a "Thanks", the willing actress should be prepared to say a "No, thanks" in a gentle but explicit way.

Be nice and go away sometimes is preferable to be nice and go further (to bed). Also, don't trust too much in unknown agents, filmmakers, directors and everyone that want to meet you in a nice ambient with the reason of helping you in your future work. Statistically speaking, it's false.

3) Know your restaurants
In Rome there're two type of restaurants: where you can find other actress and actors, and where not. If you want to be photographed and meet other low-class actors and actress, go the first type, but if you want to stay in peace and hoping not to meet everyone specially interested to you, go to the second, where probably you can find other high-level actors that want the same things, mixed in the crowd. You can go through one and another of course, depending from the mood.

(to be continued...)

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Hi Luciano! just compliments ;) it's very interesting how you realize one thing in your work and find out that in the other country it's completely different approach. Here the "paparazzi" problem isn't felt so much, but.. I saw "Dolcce vita!" :)) - An actress in USA (LA)

Hi Isabel! :) Thank you very much for the compliments. Yes, the paparazzi here is a problem, but it's not the only problem for an actress! Expecially for a stranger one, here the main problem is the sexual approach and the roads to make career, that may vary, for real.

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