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HTML5 Day all’Ateneo Regina Apostolorum

HTML5 official logo (official since 1 April 20...

HTML5 official logo (official since 1 April 2011, see FAQ)

Si svolgerà a Roma, all’Ateneo Regina Apostolorum, Giovedì 20 Settembre prossimo l’ultima tappa del HTML5 Tour promosso ed organizzato dal W3C. Occasione per tutti gli sviluppatori HTML5, è di estremo interessere, anche perché ci sarà Michael[tm] Smith, W3C HTML Activity Lead ed evangelista dell’HTML5.

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About the event

HTML5 is changing the world and industries, from automotive to publication, (mobile) communication, TV etc.
The “HTML5 Day” event is centred around a keynote presentation from Michael[tm] Smith, a key W3C team member for the HTML5 effort. The event will be an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in HTML5 and related technologies, and about the current thinking about, the future to come after HTML5. The event will give you the opportunity to know what is going on in the “HTML5 world”.
W3C will be glad to hear your opinions about what to do and what not to do now and in the years to come.


9:15 Registration
9:40 Welcome – Oreste Signore (Head of W3C Office in Italy)
10:15 Transforming the Web Together: Bernard Gidon (W3C – EMEA Business Development Leader) Details >>…
11:00 HTML5: The making of the modern Web platform – Michael[tm] Smith (W3C HTML Activity Lead) Details >>…
13:00 Roundtable discussion: what’s needed for[tm] Smith, Bernard Gidon. Marco Pellegrinato, Roberto Scano
13:30 End of public session
14:45 Restricted meeting with W3C members, press and selected guests (Bernard Gidon, Mike Smith – W3C)
17:30 End of the day

Event venue

The event location is accessible to people with disabilities.
How to get there.


The event is free, however anyone interested must register. Go to registration page.
As the number of places is limited, registered users are kindly requested to contact the secretariat in case they will have to cancel the participation.
People with disabilities or special needs are kindly requested to contact directly the secretariat.Enhanced by Zemanta