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Keith Flint: Prodigy vocalist dies aged 49

Keith Flint, vocalist with the Prodigy, has died at the age of 49. He was found at his home in Essex on Monday. The Prodigy released a statement confirming the news, saying: “It is with deepest shock and sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint. A true pioneer, innovator and legend. He will be forever missed. We thank you for respecting the privacy of all concerned at this time.” Liam Howlett, who formed the group in 1990, wrote on Instagram: “I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life […]

The best is yet to come (2nd degree)

On May I obtained my 2nd degree in Information Sciences, Communication and Publishing at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. There was the Computer science engineering degree, but this was the “mine” one. In this journey I found a really good and professional path on issues I’ve been following for years – Sociology of communication, but also my old passion: Psychology – and specially a great human experience, meeting extraordinary people. I’m thankful to those who had the patience to follow me with timely advices and the necessary structuring of my (so many, too many) ideas. This good mix has […]

The choice of advancing professional studies

(the post has been updated from first publication) In these days I’ve finally decided on the type of training and professional update that I will take. By now it was necessary, and couldn’t be postponed anymore. I had many choices in front of me: I was chosing even a new faculty, and I was really interested on Psychology or Educational Sciences. But in the progress to come to a final decision, I went for elimination.. – Psychology at my age is a bit late, I could make a three-year degree (bachelor), but it doesn’t create many job opportunities and above […]

The day the new computer went up (2nd time)

This morning I woke up early because of the delivery of my new pc, scheduled by courier between 8.00am and 14.00pm. This is the 2nd time this pc is delivered to me, since the first time, at the end of April,  was severely bent in the middle, and the computer was returned to the store to be changed. The merchant ByTecno, thought, was really correct and immediately proceeded to change it on my report basis. Now the baby is in the house! I’ve to install some good software… It’s a HP Envy 15, with a Full HD screen of 15,6″ […]

Qualcosa sull’incontro: Vinton Cerf e le terrazze romane

Grazie alla gentilezza di Padre Antonio Spadaro ho potuto partecipare all’incontro che si è tenuto a Roma alla splendida Terrazza Caffarelli con Vinton Cerf, l’uomo che oltre alla sua poderosa formazione culturale e professionale vanta un titolo che renderebbe orgoglioso chiunque: è infatti l’inventore di Internet. Vint Cerf e Tim Berners-Lee si dividono la fama l’uno della creazione e fondazione dell’infrastruttura della rete, e l’altro del Web, ovvero della struttura di protocolli (il World Wide Web appunto) che ci permette dagli anni ’90 di navigare su Internet. In quest’occasione si è potuto parlare di temi che sono fondamentali nell’aspetto umano […]

TEDx ViaDellaConciliazione

Come alcuni di voi già sanno, insieme con l’Ateneo Regina Apostolorum ( abbiamo organizzato un evento che vede protagonista un argomento determinante per la nostra epoca, e che si svolgerà in un luogo che è al centro dell’attenzione nel mondo. Il 19 aprile ci sarà, infatti, il primo evento TEDx in Vaticano, con il tema “La libertà di religione oggi“. L’evento è descritto dal nome TEDx ViaDellaConciliazione (, ed avrà il patrocinio del Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura. Per chi non lo conosce, TED ( è un formato di conferenze nato nel 1984 negli Stati Uniti, e il suo motto è […]

Rita Levi Montalcini died at 103

It’s 3 o’clock in the evening. I was to write my “morning” diary but for curiosity i checked the Corriere news magazine and read the news. So sadness took on my mind. The legendary biologist was died. I quickly thought that under festivity there’re more probability to die, I don’t remember where I read it.. She was so a cultural shift for Italy and italians, that has taken a long time to build a grateful memory to her work, recognized with the Nobel prize in 1986. She was without a doubt one of the greatest Italian scientists. Her enormous value, […]

The canceled visit of the Pope to the first University of Rome

It’s very sad that in Italy, the center of catholicism, the faith became so different, so cold, and – finally – so de-christianized. And it’s more sad in these days. I don’t know if you in television heard about what’s happening in Italy. The Pope was invited by the Rector of “La Sapienza” to inaugurate the Academic Year in the next Thursday, 17th, appearing in the first university of Rome (In the city there’re four public universities, plus a lot more private ones, but “La Sapienza” is the ancient university of Rome, and specially one of the oldest and most […]