Luciano Giustini ragionamenti a lettere..


Google sta predisponendo le sue armi: Hello, Picasa e Blogger. Ecco la newsletter che preannuncia l’inizio delle ostilità.. Speriamo che Flickr mantenga le posizioni: sulle foto e sulla condivisione è molto più avanti e sofisticato (se ne parla in questo topic)
Dicevo, giusto oggi mi arriva la newsletter di Picasa/Hello:

Letter from Lars
As you may have heard, Picasa, Inc. was recently acquired by Google. This change means we can now offer Picasa 1.6 (the current version of our software) for free. We’re thrilled that millions of people will now be able to try both of our revolutionary products – Picasa and Hello.
UIWe believe working with Google will further our goal of helping our users manage their digital photo collections more effectively and efficiently. In the months to come we’ll be building on this free offering, and you’ll be able to choose from a number of new services and features.
One of the reasons we teamed up with Google is that they share our commitment to always focusing on making our products faster, easier and more fun for our users, so your thoughts are as important to us as ever; if you have comments or questions, check out these Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly. We enjoy hearing from you.
Lars Perkins, General Manager Picasa-Google