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The Blogger's Sunday (#71)

Posted on June 28, 2004 3:00 PM in

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While I'm being reading a comment on the italian marketing blog IMlog (it), about Gmail 1GB resource, my attention has been captured by this excerpt on Lenna's blog:

Why the 90 percent of italian blogs threats political arguments? (on the other countries it's not so!) And why, of this 90, the 90 percent is on the left side? And those blogs that are not political, and want to thread other arguments, fail to publish not-so-ironical posts, or those who offer marketing lessons at a scarse level? Why on the other countries it simply doesn't happen?

I'm not sure elsewhere it's so..

Something more on Gmail: this Help page reports features and wishes, and a new site: Gmail forums.

But there's still nothing for a program that checks multiple Gmail accounts. It would be useful...

What I'm feeling..

Posted on June 27, 2004 2:56 PM in

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just a reminder... what is feeling about something's wrong?

I've known her, K, that's has been my first (and probably last) loveshot. Immediate. Intense. And rare experience of a sort of untiming moment that i've lived in the days of 19 and 20 of june.

All is done. I'm feeling as i already knew. I've only hoped she was thinking the same things. I guess, she was not.


Posted on June 18, 2004 2:54 PM in

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Dana Blankenhorn writes on Moore's Lore:

Nokia Funds Open Source Cell Browser

Nokia has put an unknown amount of cash into Mozilla, with the intent of creating an open source cell phone browser.

You may remember how earlier this week I wrote about how cell phones will be the most popular way to access the Internet in a few years, and about how XHTML MP development today is centered on Openwave?

Here's an alternative, plus an endorsement of open source browser technology from a major cellular phone vendor.

This is a good new: exspecially with Motorola that's embracing the Smart Phone 2003 technology by Microsoft

European vote 2004: an italian analysis

Posted on June 17, 2004 2:48 PM in

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The political situation in Italy has to be analyzed by politic professionals, who know their electorate, why has voted why.
My analysis will be limited to some common consideration on the european and italian vote for UE Parliament on june 11-13 2004.

In this table you can see the results of vote in Italy. The name of the parties are in italian.

First of all, there's been an embaracing european vote. The eurosceptical have been prevalent, and the vote expected the european organization was just from the East countries, the new ones that have voted with the lowest affluence, too. In all the countries, except for the Spain, the vote punished the governements. In the UK, Tony Blair's party falls to the 3rd floor and his popularity index crashes down of dozen points. Not bad, for a left party that has firmly desired the Iraqi war.

But considering the italian situation is not so bad to view other countries retirement from public estimation. We have Berlusconi as premier, the incarnation of a sort of "self made government/commercial man" with full control over private television and in part on the public television. His debacle has been evident and for the party "Forza Italia" (sort of "Go Italy!") the fall has been of 4 percentual points. Berlusconi leads a coalition of right-center parties, but seamlessly the right part counters more than the centrist one, and this makes this model of governing very conservative and not-so-liberal as publicly declared. In effect, the more problem of interest conflict, the more premiership resolves in an anthipaty that's now shown by the vote cab. Nevertheless, the colation in the whole has growth since the past elections. (continue..)

Reasonable Type

Posted on June 16, 2004 2:06 PM in

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Movable Type has changed its price's politic and added several license types. This is very interesting (thanks to Loic Le Meur):

And this is more:

Well done Six Apart!

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