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For information on didactic courses and my related teaching activity, please view the Didactic page (in italian) on this website. Thank you.

Research Interests

  • Digital Clusters (read the latest article, a ~daily magazine, the Italian site includes the paper book's information)
  • Communication (human and digital communication systems)
  • Digital Media (models and processes)
  • Social Networks
  • Internet Sociology
  • Semantic Web
  • Knowledge Management
  • Regulation & Policy (technical documenting topics)
  • Content Management Systems and Frameworks


UNIVERSITY OF ROME TOR VERGATA, Macroarea of Literature and Philosopy, Laboratory of Multimedia Writing (currently teaching, in theĀ 2nd level degree LM-19);
Honorary Fellow in the Scientific Field of Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes (IT-SSD: SPS/08).
ATENEO PONTIFICIO REGINA APOSTOLORUM, Issd, Self-Management and Self-Branding Higher Course (currently teaching).
ATENEO PONTIFICIO REGINA APOSTOLORUM, Bioethics Faculty, Master in Communication and New Media (previously teaching).


See Publications on this site or on (UniRoma2; APRA).

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I do research on Digital clusters, and teach in higher courses about Communication and new media. I founded the BETA magazine and the IT News agency; I've been co-organizer for TEDxViadellaConciliazione.
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