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I teach in Communication & Digital media topics at the Pontifical Athenæum Regina Apostolorum [Link] and the University of Rome Tor Vergata [Link]. I currently do online research about "Digital clusters" – personal and collective narrations and their correlation with social media. Previously, I founded the hypertextual technical magazine BETA (1996) and the online agency ITNews (1999), wrote popular guides about social network citizenship, and co-organized TEDx ViaDellaConciliazione (2013). I do consulting with LG Studio and am a fan of HTML 5 & open paradigms in CMS/SNS. You can find more in the About and Contact pages. Don't miss out my favorite Quotes!.

Research Interests

Include: Communication; Digital Media; Social Media; Internet & Society; Semantic Web; Web Technologies; Knowledge Management and Content Management; Strategic communication; Psychometry; Advertising and privacy.

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See the Didactic page and Publications. Some materials are on Academia.edu; Information on my research in Digital Clusters (Facebook).

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I teach in higher courses about Communication and digital media. I've been coorganizer for TEDxViadellaConciliazione, plus founder of BETA magazine et al.
Libro Cluster digitali. Narrazione collettiva nell'era dei social network (Aracne, 2018)
Cluster digitali - Info
Digital Clusters: How the Net is Marking Us