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I'm a Computer science engineer, post graduated in Information and communication science. I do research in digital processes on the social networks and their correlation with narrative behavior; currently I teach on Communication and New media topics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. In 1996 I founded the first hypertextual technical magazine BETA and - in 1999 - the online agency ITNews, writing some popular guides about social networks, blogging and media citizenship. I was co-organizer for TEDxViaDellaConciliazione (2013). I'm a fan of HTML 5 and paradigm-shift models. I do consulting with LG Studio. You can find more information in the About and Contact pages.

Research Interests

Include: Communication; Digital Media; Social Media; Internet & Society; Semantic Web; Web Technologies; Knowledge Management and Content Management; Strategic communication; Psychometry; Advertising and privacy.

Recent entries


Connecting the dots ~ Balance of a year
✓ 1st Book (in the correction phase, but here we are) ✓ 2nd Degree (in Humanities, the first was Technical) ✓ 1st scientific article (a peer-reviewed one) ✓ 1st Course…
The best is yet to come (2nd degree)
On May I obtained my 2nd degree in Information Sciences, Communication and Publishing at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. There was the Computer science engineering degree, but this was…
A better definition of Masculine and Feminine
Mimi Ikonn (photo), co-founder of Intelligent Change, and author of the new book The Bingo Theory, talks about a better definition of masculine and feminine. At the end or…
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See the Didactic page and Publications. Some materials are on Academia.edu; Information on my research in Digital Clusters (Facebook).

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I do research on Digital processes, and teach in higher courses about Communication and new media. I founded the BETA magazine and the IT News agency; I've been co-organizer for TEDxViadellaConciliazione.
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