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What I'm feeling..

Posted on June 27, 2004 2:56 PM in

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just a reminder... what is feeling about something's wrong?

I've known her, K, that's has been my first (and probably last) loveshot. Immediate. Intense. And rare experience of a sort of untiming moment that i've lived in the days of 19 and 20 of june.

All is done. I'm feeling as i already knew. I've only hoped she was thinking the same things. I guess, she was not.


We have to read your english blog to read something more about her..... ;)

Now I know :)

You are a bit too curious :)

So, there's been a moment so intense. you've read only a small part of a wider report I've wrote but that's private. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever known. And she's 5,000 km from here. :'(

So You write also for Yourself :)

A multilevel (in terms of privacy) blogger ;)

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