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Rome (summer)

Posted on August 3, 2004 10:17 PM in

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Here in Rome there's a hot weather...but the wind is present and temperature is fine. In other words, even if I must remain in the city, i don't see the terrible need to go elsewhere. Fortunately, this summer is so.

But this is the first summer i pass with my mother lonely after my father gone, so I'm a bit sad (also w/out 'a bit')

In the last part of August, we will go to S.Giovanni Rotondo (the city of Padre Pio) where we've home. I will remain there until 2 september, when my cousin, Laura, marries.

The last time i was here, it was with my father. All the times i was here, there was him. This was the place he impianted the pacemaker, this was the place where he said me he was hearth-illed, in the 1967 here he knew my mother. All this memory is there. And all this will make this journey not so good, not at all.


an english weblog! you are "internescional" :-)

once I started an English weblog too, but didn't carry on as translating posts was quite annoying, and writing new ones was... quite exhausting :-)

oh, i use to mix: some are from italian blog, some are new.
generally, the more i want to say things that are not suitable for italian blog, the more i write in the english one.
This makes the thing simple :-)

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