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Another on the conscience of mr.Berlusconi

Posted on August 27, 2004 12:20 AM in

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Enzo Baldoni, the journalist that has been taken as hostage in Iraq, has been murdered. :-(

He was a blogger, as me and (probably) you. He was well known in the Internet community.

Probably you don't know italian situation: in Italy we're living the war in Iraq in a worst way.

We should not gone in Iraq. Only Blair+Bush. But we've go the same. In recent elections italians have expressed live the orientation we shouldn't partecipate to this war (which our government obstinately calls "peace operation"), and we are the same.
The Pope did in 2003 all His possibility to avoid the entry of Italy in this Iraqi war, but nobody heared the Pope.
Mr.Berlusconi (our "prime minister") didn't it.

This is the result. Enzo isn't the first civilian to be murdered -captive, not to mention italian soldiers.

How many lives we must still lose for this insulse-war? I don't speak only of italians, but also Iraqi people, also Usa soldiers...

Here it's the "wonderful" and completely useless declarations of our foreign minister:

Italy to pull troops out 'if asked'

Thursday 26 August 2004, 14:02 Makka Time, 11:02 GMT

Italy is prepared to pull its troops out of Iraq if the interim government in Baghdad requests it, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has told Aljazeera.

But his government has insisted it will not bow to pressure from the captors of an Italian journalist who have demanded a troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Frattini's message was delivered on Thursday, one day after the family of Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni appealed to his Iraqi captors, via Aljazeera, to release him.

"We are ready to pull out of Iraq, even tomorrow, if the government of Mr (Iyyad) Allawi asks us," said Frattini, speaking just hours ahead of the expiry of a deadline set by Baldoni's captors for Italy to withdraw its 3000 troops from Iraq.

(source: Al Jazeera)


Hi, Luciano...and thank you for listing me as one of your contacts. In return, I am checking our your website & photos. Unfortunately, I read your comments on the war in Iraq and more recently the murder of journalist Enzo Baldoni.
Also I wish this horrendous war would be over. It is certainly understandable why you feel as you do. As coincidence would have it, my partner & I will be visiting Italy beginning 21 September (mainly Rome & Florence). We look forward to seeing your lovely homeland. Until later...

Yes, it's a terrible momento for italian underestimate-war-of-terror. Also today, two women of a non-profit organization are been captured in Iraq. :-(

I 'm very happy you choose Rome as a town to visit. It's a wonderful and ancient city that must be discovered in a particular (slow) way.

I am sure we will love Rome. We shall do our best to enjoy it as you say...slowly, meeting as many of the people there as possible as we explore. Very nice wedding shots...really like your landscape & architectural shots also. Take care.

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