Luciano Giustini: Curriculum

Curriculum Vitæ

Personal data

Date of Birth: 08/25/1969
Citizenship: Italian
Status: Unmarried
E-mail: lucianogiustini (at) gmail (dot) com


Scientific Diploma at Private Catholic School "Pio IX", in Rome
Laurea Degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of "Roma Tre", Addressed in Database Applications and Information Systems.

Military service

I've carried out regular military service in 1990-1991 in the Alpine Corp. - Teramo (AQ) and Bridge Engineering - military zone of Rome.


Written and spoken English
Scholastic Espanol


Computer Science

Hardware: Structure of the computers, construction and employment of systems hardware, knowledge of the inner and logical processes.

Known languages (level): ANSI-C, C++; ML/CAML; SQL; Perl; PHP; Assembly; Pascal; Visual Basic; Java; Javascript; HTML; XML; XSLt; DBase; LaTeX;

Networking and Web: Web design; Web Architecture; Networks: Management and Information Modeling;

Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/2000; Linux; IBM OS/2; MS-DOS; Windows (all); Unix and Unix-like;

Applications and Productivity tools: Netscape (Navigator); Internet Explorer; Netscape FastTrack, Enterprise Server; Adobe Photoshop; Macromedia DreamWeaver; Allaire HomeSite; Jasc Paint Shop Pro; Suite Micrografx; Microsoft Word; authoring Help for Windows; Forté Agent; Ws_ftp; Microsoft Office; Java; Java Structs; Eclipse; UNIX: Emacs; Nirvana Edit; Vi; Midnight Commander; File Runner; Ghostscript;

Others: In kind of all which technical documentating in electronic format, documents, hypertexts et similia.

Other competences

Law: the law in technologies and on the internet: relationships between press and the Internet; norms on the press (offline and online) in Italy and in other european countries.

Licensee: Licences of publication; electronic and public licences.

Editing: electronic and paper editing; best acquaintance of electronic editing and its organization on the internet and on intranets; good acquaintance of the mechanisms of typographical writings.

Professional and job experiences

1995: Founded the online technical-scientific magazine "Beta"; Development of the Internet site, in Technimedia S.r.l. and subsequently with Telecom Italia S.p.A. since 1998;
Developed the search and documentation website within the "Hypertexts" area of MC-link S.r.l.

1996: Assistant and technical adviser at the editing society "International News Fidicom", in Rome.

1997: University seminary on the determination of the factors of increase of a Website within "Theory and Practice of the Hypertexts" cured by Prof. Gino Roncaglia, University of Study of Viterbo.
Graphical design of the "Rome Online" comprehensive website for the city of Rome
Development of Alpharoom, website devoted to research and practical issues about Web Application and Content Management.

1999: Project Manager in Nice S.r.l., a leading company in I.T., estabilished in Rome since 1996. Development and management of "IT News" an electronic newsgazette about I.C.T. aspects and issues.

2003: Development of websites in the weblog services and discussion, as,, et al.

2006: Development of the CORMONET application in (company) S.r.l. for the migration toward the SAP context of the TIM corporate phones management.

2007: Specialized Consultant Engineer in Telecom Italia S.p.A. Wireline - ICT Operations, Application Management (Service Inventory), in the OSS ambit (Operational Support Systems).

Internet Project Activity

1995: planning and development of the technical magazine "BETA"
1996: planning and development of Hypertexts Conference on MC-link and its website
1997: planning and development of the Homepage of Rome Online
1998: planning and development of Alpharoom website and research model
1999: planning and development of the italian agency of news "IT News"
2000: planning and development of Handheld (wireless portal) and BETA-network websites; planning and development of BETA version 2, dynamical
2002: planning and development of BETA Community and BETA People, brands of the magazine.
2003: planning and development of Blogcafé and Bloogs, weblog communities.

Scientific and technical publications

    Please see publications on the website (it contains an updated list of recent publications and author's articles)

Publishing Activity

  • "Guide to Technical Scientific Articles", edited in 2001
  • Development of the "Public Licence Beta" for the articles and technical-scientific papers outside magazine; development of the IEEE draft ADDF (metaformat for articles and technical documentation) introduced at the Lime '98 Linux Meeting (Faculty of Engineering at the University of the Studies of Rome "La Sapienza")
  • "Javascript Guide 1.0 and 1.1" (published on BETA and some Internet websites)
  • Papers on technical magazines (see below)
  • "A Weblog Guide in 10 Questions" (published on my weblog and linked by many weblogs in Italy)
  • Articles published under the magazine BETA: see Author list of entries.
  • Web Courses (see below)
  • AlphaRoom Guidelines on the planning to Web Interface: constitution of AlphaRoom Magazine.

MC Microcomputer (edited by Technimedia S.r.l.)

  • Articles of illustration of the plan Beta and electronic hypertexts and documents.
  • Presentation of the area Hypertexts - n.155 (October 1995)
  • Beta - the hypertextual technical review - n.159 (February 1996); (edited by Systems Comunicazioni S.r.l.)

  • Cues, counselors and instruments for the Web Diagram - n.31 January 1998;
  • Buy online: where and when it's convenient - n.34 April 1998;
  • Jasc "Paint Shop Pro" 5.0 - n.42 December 1998;

Internet News (edited by Tecniche Nuove S.p.A.)

  • "Knowledge Blog, or about the knowledge" - December 2003

La Rete Online (edited by Mondi Nuovi S.p.A.)

  • Collaboration with the online magazine of politics, news, technology, music and arts "La Rete", about ICT and issues related to italian actuality.

Conferences and Conventions

1998 - LiMe 98 Linux Meeting Faculty of Engineering University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Presenting LPB
1999 - Puntoit - Rome (Internet Economy) - Invited
1999 - E-Commerce Summit - Sheraton Rome Conference Center - Medium Partner (Invited)
2000 - Canova Youngs - Rome (presentation BETA) - Speech;
2000 - First Tuesday Italy - Rome (New economy) - LUISS - Reportage
2001 - Internet Expo - Rome - (Web Seminary branding) - Speech;
2002 - Facolty of Communication Science, "The bell tower and the net", prof. F. Butera, Ordinary of University of Sociology of Milan Bicocca - Rome, University "La Sapienza" - Invited

Extraprofessional Activity

Editor of the Open Directory Project ( ) from July 2002, for the category Electronic Reviews in Italian. The ODP Database, wider of the world, is used from subjects like Google, Excite, AltaVista, Virgilio, and many others catalogue or search engines.

Member of the group of developers of the Mozilla program, the open source suite for navigation on Internet, the management of the mail and the composition of web pages.

Member of the 2002 Giury of the Interactive Key Award ( acknowledgment anniversary for creativity and technological innovation of the communication, organized online from Mediakey)

Founding associate of the Italian Chapter of Internet Society, the international organization for the development of Internet.


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